“Attunement and Involvement, responses to Relational Needs” Conference

The Conference will be held on Thursday, the 26th of November at 11:00. It will be given by the Dr. Richard G. Erskine

Next Thursday, the 26th of November of 11:00 to 12:30 in the room Ellacuría of the University of Deusto there will be a qualified conference "Attunement and Involvement, responses to Relational Needs". It will be given by the Dr. Richard G. Erskine, PhD., The Director of Formation of the Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy, he is a clinical psychologist with four decades of experience in the clinical practice and in the education of psychotherapy.
It has specialized itself in the children's treatment with severe disorders, has directed a therapeutic community in a top-security prison and a practice has organized psychotherapeutic processes that specializes itself in the treatment of the obsession, the dissociation and the schizoid.
In 1972, as a teacher of the University of Illinois, Dr. Erskine developed the initial concepts of the theory and methods of Integrative Psychotherapy. In 1976 it is established the Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy in NuevaYork city and, together with the members of the Seminar of Professional Development, continued the growth, the investigation and the refinement of an integration and relational psychotherapy.
 Every year the Dr. Erskine gives formal courses and existential workshops on the theory and the methods in several countries of the world. This one accredited as a psychoanalyst, he is a transactional certified analyst, therapist of internationally recognized Gestalt and is likewise, therapist of certified group. He is an author of five books and numerous articles about the practice of the psychotherapy and plenary referee in numerous congresses specialized in psychotherapy of wide international range. Likewise, it has been a referee in the APA and soon, he will present his work together with other authors of current importance and world relevancy in the treatment of the psychological trauma in his diverse forms.
 It is an excellent opportunity of formation for that we hope that it is of your interest. For those of vosotros/as that esteís interested parties send an e-mail to Itxaso Muñoz (itxaso.munoz@deusto.es) to confirm assistance.
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